From April 1860 to October 1861, dozens of brave Pony Express riders delivered mail between Sacramento, California and St. Joseph, Missouri. The distance was 1,800 miles, and it took Pony Express riders ten days, which was half the time the stagecoach required for the same journey.

By keeping the east connected with the west, the Pony Express held the nation together. Young Pony Express riders charged across the country on the fastest horses available. Over two thousand miles of wilderness was crossed, including a section of high mountain desert in Nevada. Today, this stretch of Nevada has been designated “Pony Express Territory.”

Welcome to our 17-million acre museum, where visitors can experience nature, history, art and science. You can find it all in Pony Express Territory as you explore ghost towns, old mines, rock art sites and nature preserves. And at night, you can enjoy our open-air observatory with a great view of the heavens. Undisturbed and one of a kind, our doors are always open in Pony Express Territory and there are no waiting lines.

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